The Training Centre
By Aspire
July 7 2022


Phillippa Butterworth

Date(s) - 07/07/2022
10:00 am - 12:00 pm



Following a successful private member’s Bill in Parliament on 29th October 2021, the Government made a commitment to introduce a Menopause Taskforce and make menopause a priority in the

Women’s Health Strategy.

The taskforce will consider how workplace policies and guidelines could improve support for women, as well as introducing menopause education to secondary schools.

Employers have a social responsibility to do the right thing and now is the ideal time for organisations to take action and raise awareness!

The UK workforce is getting older and there are a higher number of women in employment, resulting in more women going through menopause while in work. Menopausal employees do not readily seek help, preferring to remain silent and bring in their own reasonable adjustments, such as reducing hours, changing roles, taking time off or even giving up work. The symptoms have a huge impact on efficiency and motivation, creating a personal and economic impact.

Our Menopause Training Courses, delivered by award winning facilitators and experts in the field, help improve productivity and reduce absenteeism, by leading and encouraging conversations between colleagues around practical needs and support, ensuring positive solutions across all levels of the workplace through tailored, interactive programmes.

Managers’ Interactive Workshop – 2 hours – Remote Training

Designed for leadership positions, this interactive workshop focuses on the manager’s role, how employee legislation should impact on their decision making, as well as providing practical tools and solutions. Advice on reasonable adjustments, being an inclusive manager through leadership and creating the right culture are also included.

The session encourages attendees to talk about menopause and be actively involved through participation in breakout rooms and case studies. Managers will leave the training feeling confident to have a menopause conversation in the workplace.

Topics Covered:

– Menopause Key Facts

– Who is affected?

– What are the symptoms and how they can be recognised

– Impact in the workplace

– Practical solutions to manage menopause at work

– Open discussion including Q&A session

Date: Thursday 7th July
Time: 10.00am-12.00pm
Cost: £75 per delegate